Flyers & Sell Sheets

Flyers & Sell Sheets
Flyers & Sell Sheets

Get your messages out to the masses. Flyers and sell sheets are cost-effective ways to cover a large area without breaking the bank. Hand them out at events or on street corners. Leave them in public places or deliver them to doorsteps. Flyers are a powerful sales force that are, quite literally, easy to grasp.

  • Great for promoting events, upcoming sales, or highlighting limited special offers.
  • Use colorful four-color printing to make your message pop.

Flyers & Sell Sheets

Flyers & Sell Sheets
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    Which color option should I choose?

    Flyers are typically printed one-side, with the back of the sheet left blank. The back side can be printed, too, however, for added effect. Since flyers must often stand out against other printed items posted nearby, color choices are important.

    Two-color printing, as its name implies, uses two ink colors. One is typically black, but it doesn't have to be. One-color printing uses just a single color of ink. Again, black is most common, but you can choose a different color if you prefer.

    Full-color printing provides the maximum impact and visual appeal for most flyers. However, if your budget is tight, a well-conceived two-color or even one-color design can prove an acceptable alternative.

    Front: Full-Color
    Back: Full-Color
  4. *Paper Choices


    Learn about text and cover weights and choose the best one for your next online printing project. Note: Weights vary by product.

    Text Weights -20# (Basic Printer Paper) 50#, 60#, 70#, 80#, 100# 

    Lightweight stock
    The larger the number, the heavier the stock
    80# text is approximately equal to 32# bond
    Commonly used for interior pages of custom booklets, flyers, etc. 
    Cover Weights - 80#, 100#, 130#

    Heavier stock than text with a stiffness similar to cardstock 
    Commonly used for custom booklet covers, business cards, table tents and similar applications
    Pt. Weights -10, 12, 14, 16

    The larger the number, the heavier the stock 
    10 pt. would be considered comparatively light stock
    12 pt. stock exhibits more stiffness, while 14 and 16pt. stocks have noticeable heft and stiffness.

    16PT is the heaviest digital printed stock our machines can handle. Best for business cards.




  5. UV Coating


    UV Coating is a tough clear-coat applied over printed materials to 1) protect against scratches, tears and fingerprints and 2) enhance the brilliance of the ink colors.

    Recommended Uses

    UV Coating is recommended for printed pieces which will be handled frequently, such as presentation folders, the covers of paperback books and some types of business cards. It is also recommended for promotional pieces that aim to grab attention, such as flagship brochures and direct mail postcards.

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